Our Mosquito Net is perfect for warmer climates providing a protective barrier from insects and other parasites. This allows for your Sky-Pod to be used in more challenging environments with a simple change of cover.


Manufactured from 100% Polyester NATO spec Personal Mosquito Barrier Netting, midge-proof and meets the requirement of DN 75200 for flammability.


The 2-piece Net (separate base and top cover) is fully adjustable, with reinforced felled seam construction, a zipped base hatch entry and double sided zip-pullers with extensions for ease of opening and closing from inside or outside the Sky-Pod. 


The Mosquito Net can be used on its own or in conjunction with our Canvas Fly. With this simple addition you'll be able to rest easy no matter where you are in the world.


Sky-Pod available to purchase separately.

Mosquito Net

  • • Fabric - 100% Polyester,
    • Hole size – 10 warp holes per 10-12mm,

    10 weft holes per 12-15mm,

    • Top Fly Weight - 0.65kg
    • Base Fly Weight - 0.35kg
    • Flammability - DN 75200