Frequently asked questions

Do I have to climb a tree to set up a Sky-Pod?

No, we have devised a ground based method for installing your Sky-Pod. Climbing a tree is purey the fun option.

How high do you recommend I hang my Sky-Pod?

We recommend hanging your Sky-Pod at a maximum height of 1.2 metres.

What type of trees can I hang my Sky-Pod from?

Just like us, trees are living breathing organisms, each with their own individual set of strengths and characters. We suggest you learn more about the trees native to your area by contacting a local arborist for specialist advice. We would also advise hanging your Sky-Pod between two trees to achieve the best placement.

Which is the best knot to use for attaching rope to the carabiner?

We would advise using a figure of 8 follow through knot.

Are there any considerations due to adverse weather?

In high winds we recommend either lowering your Sky-Pod to ground level, roping off to adjacent trunks or deploying guide ropes and ground pegs for added stability. In the case of a lightening storm, zip closed the base hatch opening to form a waterproof groundsheet and bring your Sky-Pod to the ground.

What is the maximum weight that a Sky-Pod can hold?

You should not exceed the manufacturers maximum load capacity of 250kg / 551lbs.

Is the flysheet available in any other colors?

We will be offering flysheets in different fabrics, patterns and colorways as we continue to adapt and develop our range. The easiest way to be kept informed of any new developments is by signing up to our newsletter and following us on social media.

Can you hang a Sky-Pod between two trees?

Yes you can hang your Sky-Pod from either one or between two trees. We recommend hanging between two trees for extra stability, this also helps with finding a suitable location.

What knot would you recommend for attaching the throw-line?

A good knot for attaching your throw-line is the clove-hitch.

What do I need to get started

We would recommend purchasing a Sky-Pod bundle. The bundle doesn't include a rope so if you do not have your own head to the store to purchase one. This will give you enough equipment to start your Sky-Pod journey.