Fancy camping in the tree canopy and feeling like you’re floating among the leaves? Want to watch wildlife up close from your own camouflaged outdoor room, or be rocked to sleep while seeing stars circle overhead?

Then it’s worth checking out Sky-Pod – a new type of portable ‘living space in the sky’, designed to reconnect us with the natural world. 


Sky-Pod is a ‘next generation’ circular tree-tent recently launched by Scottish design company Sky-Pod World Ltd, based within the Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland, and it’s probably fair to say it’s unlike any tent you’ve seen before. It’s been designed to give campers a completely different perspective on nature by literally lifting them into the trees, providing camouflage, protection and comfort, while allowing an amazing 360° view of the world outside.


The design team have a long history in this field, having started out creating larger versions of their pods for major arts festivals and outdoor events. After more than a decade spent refining their designs they realised they’d created something quite special.  Children and adults kept falling in love with the sensation of being in them, and asking where they could buy one. The pods proved so popular as therapeutic spaces and relaxation areas at festivals, the team were soon inundated with enquiries. So they set about designing and manufacturing a more portable and affordable version that anyone could buy. They wanted something that would suit campers, climbers, explorers, or families simply wanting to hang one in their back garden.  They released their first batch last year and word about this exciting new tree tent is already starting to spread...