Start your Sky-Pod adventure - your very own portable living space in the trees

Our 2 person tent can be hung from one or two trees. No need to climb a tree, set up from the ground. Fully portable, assemble in minutes. Single point hanging with base entry hatch.


Experience our unique view

of the canopy and stars

Add a light weight mosquito net and safeguard against insects. Our 2 piece net fully encases the Sky-Pod. Can be used on its own or with another fly sheet over the top. Enables you to stay connected with nature and wildlife.

Configure your window to the world

Add a canvas fly sheet to your Sky-Pod. The quality of our fly sheet makes the world of difference to your sleeping experience. Fully adjustable for multiple configurations to suit your needs and environment.


You'll need a rope to hang your Sky-Pod - check out our range of accessories

Ladders, rope, cambium savers, throw lines and bags. Build your own collection of Sky-Pod equipment as and when required.



Flexible accommodation; suitable for skills based activities; independent

living and an unforgettable experience.



Imagine your own adventure; camp safely and conveniently and enjoy the great outdoors in your backyard.

Zak Bentley-BCC-Morocco-008.jpg


Want room for you and all your gear?

Try a Sky-Pod in the canopy for a more comfortable spacious solution.



Should you have a requirement for a more hidden den in the trees e.g. wildlife watching try our 3D Camo.



Perfect for wild camping by canoe; Sky‐ Pod packs down into a kit bag ready to be easily deployed at your destination.



Create your own eco resort, a Sky-Pod suspended village in the trees. Quick to set up with the flexibility to relocate.



A creative solution for suspended accommodation or viewing platforms at festivals, utilising wooded areas.



Experience something new, instead of ground based tents try out sleeping in the trees for a wonderful sensation.



Floating in the trees is the perfect natural therapy. Immerse yourself to strengthen your health and well-being.



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“During our Giant Sequoia Tardigrade Research Project we had the pleasure of spending the night up in a Sky-Pod. What a joy! It blended into the canopy and was sturdy, roomy, and stable. What a great sleep with the world's best view! I have spent many nights sleeping in the top of big trees but this was the best sleep I have had. We had enough room for gear and two climbers! Sky-Pod Tree Tent makes a great product!”


Dr. John Gathright, Founder, Tree Climbing Japan



“I had the pleasure and privilege of experiencing the Sky-Pod on a tree climbing expedition to the Atlas Cedar Mountains in Morocco and cannot recommend this product highly enough. As a tree climbing instructor specialising in training scientists to access and work in the forest canopy for research I have spent over 10 years sleeping out and up in trees worldwide.  The Sky-Pod takes the level of comfort and sense of wonderment to a whole new level.  The different options of fly sheet available and simple one point attachment provide several opportunities to experience above ground camping from different perspectives yet always maintaining a feeling of utmost security and safety. It truly is a wonderful product that compliments both the forest environment in which it was designed to be used and people of all ages, abilities and interests in spending time outdoors in all weathers!”


Vicki Tough, Director, Sylvana Alta


“I am delighted to write this testimonial for Sky-Pod tree tents. As a tree climber and canopy camper for over ten years, I have experimented with every product on the market worldwide, and believe Sky-Pods to be the best available.

My business offers anyone, young, old, and differently-abled, the opportunity to climb trees and spend the night in the canopy, and Sky-Pods are my number one choice for this. 

Having also worked for a different tree tent company for many years, I can see Sky- Pods are a fantastic product in terms of manufacture and materials, ease of assembly and set up, user experience, and durability. They are the most resilient tree tents I have ever used. 

The single point of attachment affords such great versatility, their positioning is only limited by the imagination. I can even integrate climbing ropes into the suspension system to allow guests to climb directly into the Pod.” 


Syd Howells, Founder, Social Tree Climbers